If you were to pop by our speciality food shop, you would find:

  • Our house prepared entrees and soups
  • Our specialty pies, donuts and baked goods
  • Our World’s Best Butter Tarts
  • KCC Brand sauces, canned goods and dressings
  • Freshly prepared hot & cold lunch options for take out
  • Canadian-made products


A few years back, rather than bring in pastries and cakes from Toronto, we hired a pastry chef and opened a store to sell our creations.  We figured: if we sell pastries, we sell bread. And then customers asked for Chef Kathy’s soup! Nothing is better than homemade soup with fresh bread so we started offering a loaf of bread for a dollar with every jar of soup. Kathy needed crackers, now we stock crackers. Kevin couldn’t find his good antipasto ingredients, Jesse wanted better mustard, Kate is a vegetarian,  Amy wanted good gluten free food, while Marissa’s husband wanted pot pies so now we have them.

The moral of our story is that one thing leads to another. We sell La Rocca Cakes and our pastry chef is busy creating cakes, tarts, cookies and pies for our wholesale customers (another long story). Our bakery is busy making fresh bread and rolls. Our best seller is our soup and although we have a rather hidden location, we can barely keep enough jars of soup in the store. 

We are by no means retail gurus, but at the end of the day, customers keep coming back for more homemade soup, fresh bread, homemade lasagna, and all sort of specialty foods. So stop by our location, come and find us!


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