Payment Schedule


We can make some pretty awesome stuff and take your event to the next level…
But we are a business after all, and we like to be upfront about how we operate so that we can continue to work with our clients year after year.

The Money
With us, what you are quoted is what you pay.  When we generate your contract, we simply assign a contract number to the quote.
We then divide the contract payment schedule into thirds.

 An initial deposit of $500 will put your event on our calendar and secure the date. 

  • Six months prior to the event, a payment of 1/3 of the balance is due.
  • Fourteen days prior to the event, a payment of 1/3 of the balance is due.
  • The day before your event, the final payment of 1/3 is due. 

For example:

  • Your event on June 1st event costs $6,000 (including tax).
  • $500 deposit holds the date which is due upon signing the contract. 
  • $1,500 due on December 1st (Representing the first 1/3).
  • $2,000 due on May 18th (Representing the second 1/3).
  • $2,000 due on May 31st (Representing the final payment).

Why this continues to work for our clients:
What makes this plan awesome is that it enables you to have a flexible menu up until 14 days prior to your event.  You can change your guest numbers, tweak the menu items, or change from buffet to platter service all up until that time. Let’s say you go to your friend’s wedding and their menu is exactly the same as yours – no problem, we can take your formal plate service to a stand up sushi bar (and you can un-invite your friend with no trouble).

Up until 14 days before your event we can change anything; however, Kathy our chef is a red-head and knows how to use a knife and Kevin has to sleep sometime… so at 13 days or less, we can no longer make changes as we have pre-ordered everything we need for your event.  However, if Uncle Ed at the last minute decides to invite his girlfriend and family a week before your wedding, we can likely accommodate Uncle Ed but we will have to charge a premium.

Regarding Payment Options

• We accept, cash, all major credit cards or company cheques.
• All Cheques must be made payable to “KCC Gourmet and Catering Inc.”
• Any and all outstanding balances are due upon delivery.
• KCC Gourmet and Catering Inc. will not conduct caterings without prior payment arrangements.
• For larger events, a payment schedule of thirds will apply
• A payment of the first-third is due upon booking; a payment of the second-third is due 14 days prior to the event, with the final balance due the day prior to the event.
• Serving, kitchen or delivery staff can be retained for a fee of $25/hour per staff with a minimum of 4 hours work.
• A 15% Gratuity will be charged for all caterings that require on-site staff.
• As we must pre-order perishable items, changes to your menu can be made up to 14 days prior to your event.  Changes after that deadline will be subject to additional fees if we determine that such changes are even within the realm of possibility.
• Please note, however, that we must receive your final guest count and menu by no later than 14 days before the event. After this date we will not accept any cancellations from your guest count, and any additions may be subject to a premium.
• KCC Gourmet and Catering Inc. reserves the right to cancel the terms of this agreement at any time if the payment schedule is not adhered to. Sorry, we do not refund deposits.
• Pricing and details for this quote are valid for 30 days after which time pricing is subject to change.

A note about gratuity
For any event that requires our staff to be onsite, we charge a gratuity on the bill. People sometimes ask if they can simply tip the staff at the event.  While this is certainly appreciated, it actually does not tip our staff in a fair manner.  By charging a gratuity on your bill, we then process it using a model that disperses it to ALL the staff that participated in making your event a success.  From our planning staff, to the kitchen, to delivery, to serving staff, those who had a hand in the event are all a part of that gratuity.  It is dispersed along the entire line of service that we offer – from the staff that creates a custom menu for you, orders your linens, polishes the cutlery, grills your steaks or pours you a cock-tail. It is an incentive and allows us to hire great staff.