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Passed Hors D’oeuvres

Our hand-made Hors D’oeuvres add a touch of elegance to any event when passed by our uniformed staff.

Customized Passed Cocktail Party

(Subject to availability as some items require advanced order.)

Our cocktail reception package includes your choice of 10 Hors D’oeuvres from our list at 10 pieces per person for 2 hours of circulating service.  Please select five hot, and five cold Hors D’oeuvres to create this customized package.  Note: The 75 guest count or more applies to what is included in this package.

$36 per person

The following is a selection of our hot and cold hors d’oeuvres:

Cold Hors d’oeuvres
Please select five of the following:

  • Stationary pumpernickel dip and Mediterranean dip platter
  • Stationary “Walk in the Garden” crudités display
  • Bocconcini cheese wrapped in a fresh basil leaf with a cherry tomato
  • Sweet corn fritters topped with guacamole and julienne bacon
  • Savoury mini-cone with herbed goat cheese spread, mushroom tar tare &  asiago cheese
  • Assorted sushi served with pickled ginger, soy sauce and wasabi
  • Asian beef on a wonton crisp
  • Mini phyllo cups filled with hoisin flavoured duck confit and julienne vegetables
  • Mini devil quail eggs topped with red pepper bits
  • Fresh pear sliced topped with goat cheese and cranberry preserve
  • Upside down bruschetta served on an edible Asian spoon
  • Smoked Salmon wrapped bread sticks with caper infused cream cheese
  • Tex-Mex grilled Shrimp a top guacamole and rice cracker topped with cilantro
  • Julienne seasonal vegetables wrapped in smoked salmon bundles
  • Mini black forest ham and cheese croissants
  • Cold Soup Shooter
    Garden pea soup with coconut milk & mint
    Gazpacho with corn salsa
    Chilled cream of avocado soup

Hot Hors D’oeuvres
Please select five of the following:

  • Wild mushroom turnovers in puff pastry
  • Mini black Angus sliders
  • Peameal bacon, lettuce and tomato with country aioli
  • Sweet potato and roasted marshmallow in phyllo cup
  • Ultimate French baguette with sautéed onion and melted Swiss cheese
  • Mini meat tourtière with tomato jam
  • Bacon and cheese filled potato skins
  • Jerk chicken firecrackers served with a sweet Thai chili sauce
  • KCC crab cakes in crusted poppy and sesame seed cheese served with a lime aioli
  • Mini phyllo spanakopita triangles with a spinach and feta filling
  • Bite size vegetable samosa with a sweet Indian dipping sauce
  • Miniature Yorkshire pudding filled with medium rare roast beef accented with horseradish
  • Coconut jumbo shrimp served with a pineapple curry dipping sauce
  • Sicilian, mini pizzas topped with green peppers and marinara sauce
  • Teriyaki glazed chicken satay skewers
  • Honey garlic meatballs served in an artisan bread bowl
  • Yukon gold potato latkes served with a lemon caper Crème fraîche and topped with smoked trout
  • Zesty tomato soup shooter served with a grilled cheese triangle wedge
  • Fig infused BBQ’d Beef satay served with a creole mustard dipping sauce
  • BBQ pulled pork served on an apple crisp garnished with onion sprouts
  • Old fashion sausage rolls
  • Thai red curry and lime fishcakes served with a soothing cucumber and mint raita
  • Jalapeno pepper stuffed with herbed cream cheese and wrapped in bacon