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With over twenty years of experience, we deliver delicious event services, from custom hors d’oeuvres to full sit-down dining service. We have a reputation for great food, terrific service, and fair prices. Our team combines outstanding service and exceptional culinary skills to create memorable events for our clients.

Only candidates who complete this form will be considered and we will only contact candidates that meet our criteria. We generally will invite potential staff to the kitchen for an interview to determine if you are the right fit for our team. Please review the information below so you can get a sense of what we do.

We work hard and we play hard. We value reliability, initiative, communication, integrity and the ability to take direction and follow through. Staff will work as a team or individually at events.
  • Thank you for making an online application. This form will gather the information that will help us determine whether an interview is desired and we only contact applications that meet our requirements. We only contact for an interview via email so be sure yours is accurate on this form and that you keep and eye for our email (even in junk mail).

    People often ask us about the kinds of opportunities we have available.

    We have opportunities in the following areas (but new ones arise every season):

    Kitchen and Food Preparation

    Whole Sale Baking

    Delivery Services

    Event Set-up/Clean UP



    Storefront Operations

    Courtice Flea Market Booth

    Beer Service at CTMP

    Office and Admin Support

    Inventory and Warehouse Control

  • People often ask "how many hours will I get?"

    This entirely depends on you. We have seasonal staff who have plenty of hours in the busy season; that is because they are outstanding and reliable. There a several staff who return every season because they are hard working and enthusiastic and are not afraid to jump on a BBQ or clean the kitchen or go the extra mile to make an event succeed.

  • Commitment

    We like to be upfront with all our staff about what it takes to make an event a success. Whether working behind the scenes or on the front-line of service, it takes a level of commitment on everyone’s part. It may seem counter-intuitive but when an event runs smoothly, guests will not notice the hard work we do because they are too busy enjoying themselves. The following will outline how we accomplish this as a team and gauge whether you are up for the challenge.

    Reliability Factor

    When we book any staff for an event, we expect them to arrive on-time, in the correct uniform, ready to work. Last minute cancellations by staff interrupt the planning process and will not be tolerated. We often use text messaging to book staff and you will be expected to respond in a timely (if not immediate) fashion. Staff are expected to complete their events in a timely fashion and report any problems or praise from the event to the event planners and/or management.


    • Part Time, Days, Evenings, Weekends.

    • Seasonally, we employ some full-time staff in the kitchen, for deliveries and event prep.

    • Events often occur during holiday weekends.

    • Please note that we hire all our event staff, servers, bartenders etc. on an as needed basis.
    There’s always music in our kitchen as we prep, chop, whisk, sauté, grill and bake. A busy kitchen is how we like it. At events we often fire up the BBQ’s and grill burgers, chicken, steaks and ribs for weddings and corporate events while looking sharp in our chef coats. We’ll even oil up our fry pans and do some display cooking at an omelet breaky or maybe a stir-fry/pasta bar. Can you stand the heat?
    No matter what the event, it takes skilled and courteous servers to make our guests feel at home. Whether it’s buffet, platter or table service we work as a team setting up a venue so that linens are straight, the cutlery is polished and glassware looks sparkling. From intimate private dining to large-scale events, servers work as a team to provide excellent customer service.
    Look sharp and always carry a corkscrew. Get the drinks on ice and get ready to serve up a storm. That said, SMART Serve is a must with our team as we stock up on beer, wine and spirits and set up full-service bartending. For higher end clients we have made Bloody Marys in the morning, Manhattans over lunch, and know how each guest likes their cocktails whether shaken or stirred.
    Looking for energetic and enthusiastic staff who will promote through sales at festivals. Explanation: Buttertart festival meets Ribfest!
    Sometimes it can be a simple delivery of a hot lunch to some hungry workers. Other times we spend a day preparing a venue for the guests to arrive. There is a fine art to loading the catering van! And when the event is done, there are still dishes to clean and make ready for the next event.
  • Staff are required to dress appropriatly to the task at hand. When working in the kitchen, we are generally casual with chef coats or aprons. At events, the expectation is always:

    Black dress slacks (not yoga pants)

    Black close-toed dress shoes

    Our Grey Teflon Dress Shirt with Tie

    Plain, black vest (occasionally)

    Onsite Chefs don black pans and shoes with chef coats

    Extreme hair styles / unnatural colour / beads are not permitted 

    Unruly beards are not permitted; facial hair must be clean shaven frequently

    Earrings are permitted but must be limited in size 

    Visible tattoos and visible body piercings are not permitted 

    Hair length for males must be above the top of the shirt collar, or tied back

    Nails must be shorter than one fourth inch from your fingertips / polish must be subtle 

    Employees will be required to purchase a uniform.
    SMART serve is an asset and will be required over time
  • accreditation
    Employees MAY be asked to provide a criminal record check.