Fine Print Clauses and Consumer Choice Award

Through an independent market research survey, Consumers Choice have selected us as the top ranked cater in Durham Region

The following Fine Print Clauses  are some notable clauses that we have adopted from years of experience.  We feel it is important to create an understanding between client and caterer so that we can have a successful event. Behind each one is probably a funny catering story that we would be happy to share with you over a cup of coffee when you come visit us.

The “Hit by a Beer Truck Clause”
We will make every possible effort to serve the meal at the time specified; however, exceptional situations do arise. We assume no responsibility for delays in meal-time if the delay is caused by something out of our control.

The “Marilee Clause”
Any delays resulting in us having to postpone service for a period of time greater than thirty minutes will result in an additional charge of $75 per half-hour, or part thereof. We cannot be held responsible for diminished food quality due to such delays.

The “Tablecloth Clause”
A security deposit is required for the use of property and/or equipment belonging to us or our suppliers, including any tents or outbuildings. You agree to be responsible for any loss or damage to such property beyond the scope of the caterer.  This includes tablecloth damage due to candle wax or tents blowing away in a hurricane.
The “No you can’t” Clause
All left over food remains our property due to health regulations.    (Ask us about the story.)

The “Show me the Money” Clause
We reserve the right to cancel the terms of this agreement at any time if the agreed payment schedule is not adhered to and sorry, we do not refund deposits or money.

The “Size Matters” Clause
Prices in packages are often based on a 75-guest minimum, unless otherwise noted. All prices are subject to change without notice and are subject to all applicable taxes. For further pricing details, please contact one of our Event Planners.

The “Fellow Travelers” Clause
A Travel Premium (determined by the distance to be traveled and the manpower required) will apply for any event further than one hour’s driving time from Bowmanville. Please contact one of our Event Planners for further details.

The “Have BBQ, Will Travel” Clause
We take pride in being outdoor event specialists. Catering out of doors can create many unique and unpredictable challenges. At KCC our ability and expertise allows us to adapt to any circumstances, while maintaining our high standards of food and service quality. KCC is able to supply beautiful specialty tents, tables, chairs, and almost any other item you may require to make your outdoor event successful. Outdoor events are subject to a $2.00 per person premium, which is waived with tent, table, and chair rental through KCC. Please note that we require an electrical supply (2 x 15 amp. Service) and reasonable access to running water.