Event Planning

Over the years we have witnessed the trend of having an outside Event Planner take care of every detail of your celebration.  At KCC we provide free consultations from our expert planners, which is often sufficient to help you plan your event.  Occasionally, we can provide an event hand who can assist brides on their special day; an assistant who can help make things run smoothly.

However, events do arise where a professional is needed.  The logistics alone with some events require nothing less than a person who has bona fide experience.
KCC Event planning can include:

  1. Budgeting (what do things cost and can we afford it?)
  2. Establishing dates and timelines (when will things get done?)
  3. Staffing (who will do the work?)
  4. Reserving and selecting the event site
  5. Acquiring permits/heath forms
  6. Coordinating transportation and parking
  7. Location support (such as electricity and other utilities),
  8. Securing rentals (tents, tables, chairs, etc.)
  9. Booking EMS, Security, Police (and developing an emergency plan)
  10. Portable Toilets and Hand Washing Stations

And then we get into some of the more, shall we say, colorful parts of an event:

  1. Creating a theme or motif
  2. Décor, ceiling treatments, centerpieces
  3. Floral arrangements and bouquets
  4. Linen colors and sizes
  5. Creating a custom catering menu
  6. Stage, sound and lighting (even picking the bands)

As you can see, and you need not to feel overwhelmed, there are times when you need a professional event planner to manage these elements, so they will come together to create a successful (and memorable) event.  Fortunately, the knowledge we have gained from over twenty years of experience is at your service.  When we take on event planning, each client we serve in this way is a unique experience and as such, pricing for planning services can only be determined after we have had a chance to meet with you and discuss your upcoming event.

Contact our Event Planners today to get started!