Complete Event Services Available

Our services go far beyond catering; we offer complete event services.   We have successfully taken on events of all shapes and sizes for years. We take pride in our ability to help our clients alleviate any inconveniences they endure, as we bring together everything they need for their event from start to finish. Avail yourself of our years of experience and event expertise and call us to discuss the areas of event services. 


  1. Let us help you find a venue that will host your event
  2. Let us get you the rentals you need: tents, tables, chairs, generators…
  3. Let us help you pick the right decor to impress your guests 
  4. Let us help you book professional entertainment to enhance your event  
  5. Let us show you the benefits of working with a KCC Event Planner 
  6. Let us put our boots on the ground and help you manage a smooth event
  7. Let us share some of our valued contacts with you who can also help with your event

If you have questions, we can find the answer.  Even a quick phone call could really help your event.