Our E-Mails

We’re all wired up with smartphones, so shoot us an e-mail and we can respond on the fly or set up a meeting to discuss your event.  If your request is time sensitive, it is best to call our HQ at 905-623-4277. Our core staff work as team to deliver the best hospitality possible and we look forward to hearing about your event.

  1. Amy Lloyd: Social and Corporate Event Planner, amy@kccgourmetcatering.com
  2. Marissa Rogers: Social and Corporate Event Planner, marissa@kccgourmetcatering.com
  3. Jesse Parsons: Social and Corporate Event Planner, jesse@kccgourmetcatering.com
  4. Kathy Anyan: Executive Chef, kathy@kccgourmetcatering.com
  5. Kevin Anyan: General Manager, kevin@kccgourmetcatering.com
  6. Anita McIntyre: Controller & Accounting, anita@kccgourmetcatering.com
  7. For feedback, general inquiries and storefront info, kevin@kccgourmetcatering.com
  8. To Complete A Join Our Team Employment Application Please Complete The Form Here