Pickup Dinners in a Box

Just in time for to save you time!

In today’s busy world, preparing a meal for up to 16 people can be more than a daunting task. Why not pre-order an entire Ready to Serve Pickup Dinner in a Box? All you have to do is take a quick trip to 182 Wellington Street in Bowmanville at your specified time and pick up your delicious meal. The concept of our Pickup Dinner in a Box is quite simple: we do all the preparation and you get all the praise. All dinners serve up to 16 people and come with the entrée hot and ready to serve. Dinners can come pre-carved with request. The buns and our famous pies are freshly baked; we even supply the butter and condiments. Some folks pick up their dinners, sneak it in to their kitchen, plate it up and take credit - that is fine with us because we will take the compliment and won`t tell anyone your secret! Take time with your friends and family, relax and enjoy your celebration, while we take care of dinner. All dinners are hot (except for the picnic), boxed and ready to transport. We also offer the opportunity to add any additional à la carte items to your package, however we cannot make substitutions to the packages. To order your Pickup Dinner in a Box or to find our more, please call 905-623-4277.