A “Cooler” way to do your shopping! A Free Home Delivery Meal box program. It’s quite simple, go on line, select what you would like to have delivered to your home from our little store and we will deliver it. You can change your order anytime and/or have a delivery every Tuesday, twice a month or monthly.  All items are fresh and delivered in a cooler that keeps your food safe until you get home.

How it Works

  1. This program is run online and you can sign-up on this page.  By signing up you can change, suspend or cancel your membership at any time.
  2. You must order before Friday at 2:00 pm for the following Tuesday Free Home Delivery; however, if you have a standing order, we will just prepare what you ordered last time.
  3. Your first order will include a $25 security deposit for your cooler
  4. Late Tuesday afternoon, we will deliver (just like us old timers remember with the milkman) your order and charge it to your credit card.  You don’t need to be home as the cooler will keep your order safe until you arrive.  The cooler will be left where you request it to be and pick up the last order’s cooler that you will have left out.

Here is What we are Offering

  • Our Famous Soups
  • Fresh Ready to Heat Family Entrees
  • Fresh Pot Pies
  • Individual Meals
  • Treats from the Bakery
  • Grocery Store Essentials

Sign up here or by calling Jane at 905-623-4277