Our Address

182 Wellington Street, Unit 6
Bowmanville, Ontario
L1C 1W3

KCC Gourmet & Catering is located in the Bowmanville Factory, behind the Bowmanville Foundry Company. You can find us on the East side of the building, or you can simply follow your nose.  

Our Building

Where are we located exactly? We may be a little bit hard to find, but once you visit you will probably return to pick up some of our amazing soup, fresh baked pies, sweets or bread.  We have plenty of heat and serve dishes that our customers love.

Here is an excerpt from Bowmanville`s 150th Anniversary Historical Book that describes the history of our building.

The Building was built in 1919 for the Ross Can Company who moved here from Toronto.  They made metal cans and containers of all sizes.  By 1927 it became home to R.H. Hollingshead Co.  An American company that produced automotive, industrial and household chemical products.  They were most famous for their car polish called “Whiz”.  Many people, even today, refer to your building as the “Whiz Building”.  Hollingshead closed down in the 1980’s and the building became home to several smaller businesses such as Mothersill Printing, the Wow Flea Market and, of course, us.

The photo showing the wooden trestle across the Vanstone mill pond is quite interesting.  This trestle was north of the cement Canadian Pacific Viaduct and was built for the Toronto Eastern Electric Railway in 1912/13.  This railway never operated, but it gives a good view of the building when it was fairly new.  You can read “Ross Can Co. Limited’ on the side of the building.  The one with the train is obviously a spur line off the Canadian Pacific line which still runs nearby.

“Courtesy of Clarington Museums and Archives”