Event Management

Our services go far beyond catering. We have years of experience planning and executing full scale Event Management Services.

Developing a strategic event plan, with a realistic budget and the infrastructure for a large scale event is a task we take on several times a season. We see each event through until its complete. It takes on-site experts to run an event smoothly, while following strict timelines and consistently ensuring the highest level of service. We offer this expertise at each event we cater to, both large and small.

These are just some of the areas we can offer our expertise:

  1. Beverage Service, Draft Beer Trailer Set-up, Volume Ordering
  2. Vendor Management and Site Layout
  3. Professional Staging/Sound/Lights and Film Production
  4. Event Budgeting, Ticketing Prices
  5. Event Marketing Plans
  6. Crucial Infrastructure like Power, Water, Sanitation, Tables, Chairs, Tenting
  7. Health Department Protocols
  8. On-site, Real-time Event Management

We also help manage the Bowmanville Rotary Ribfest, which is a feel-good combination of creating a social community event that raises money for a dedicated service club.

If you need help getting a handle on how to start planning and managing an event, our planners and managers would be happy to share some insights about Event Management over a coffee.