It sure is nice to have great neighbours. Occasionally, we hear the rhythmic steps coming from the dance troops above us, and get to appreciate the live music coming from Manantler while putting supplies away after a late night event. We get to enjoy our neighbours daily, as they visit us to pick up lunch or an afternoon treat and a coffee. We want you to enjoy our lovely neighbours as well. So come and visit us at 182 Wellington Street and see what this historic building has to offer.


Nessis has a suite of software products, which address the most important things within your company, providing improvement solutions for quality, productivity, communication, procurement, and training. Our suite can even connect seamlessly to your ERP and MRP systems. Simply integrated software, create a holistic approach to any business, whether used individually or as a package. With your employees and customers as your top priority, Nessis streamlines and manages all the things that help run your business, at an affordable cost.

VR Headspace

VR Headspace is an innovative development company that is on the cutting-edge of Virtual Reality applications. Experiences include interactive training, simulations, virtual tours, and much more. VR Headspace utilizes state-of-the-art hardware like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, and Samsung VR. VR Headspace believes that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will become a part of everyday life. Through stretching technology companies can provide their clients with the ultimate immersive experience!

Bowmanville Fabrics

Fabric Supply – Bowmanville Fabrics is a general fabric store. They have a large selection of buttons, zippers, and knits, with co-ordinates, baby, juvenile, and nursery fabrics. It also carries home decorating coordinates and trims, upholstery, ribbons, lace, polar fleece, fur and a variety of notions.

Contact: Pat Harford
Phone:905 623-1241

TJ’s Dance Troop

TJ’s Dance Troop is a one-of-a-kind studio. Encouraging and nurturing all forms of dance and movement, for every age and skill level.
Find your passion for dance with TJ’s Dance Troop.

Phone: 905-697-0456
Fax: 905-697-2632

Aspire Acrobatics

The plan to start an aerial acrobatics company sprouted from a passionate idea to create a positive outlet for children and youth; students here will explore their creativity while building a foundation for a career in the performance industry. Aspire Acrobatics focuses on the well-being of its students through the discipline of strength and flexibility, developing exceptional teamwork skills and building confidence. At Aspire Acrobatics, the goal is to dedicate time to youth so they have the opportunity to explore healthy and positive ways to succeed.

+1 (416) 553-2494

Cornerstone Community Church

Just upstairs from our kitchen is the Cornerstone Community Church.  Occasionally, we can hear them practising worship music for their Sunday service.

(905) 623-4464


Located just around back, Manantler is a local craft brewery offering great beer, entertaining events, and informative tours of their brewery.

(905) 697-9979